LCJ CV7‐STBG Standard Ultralyd vindsensor med Raymarine ST og B&G interface

  • LCJ CV7‐STBG Standard Ultralyd vindsensor med Raymarine ST og B&G interface

CV7-vindsensor med STBG-interface er perfekt til sejlbåde udstyret med et navigationssystem fra Raymarine eller B&G, der ikke er NMEA-kompatibelt.
STBG-interface konverterer digitale signaler til universelle signaler tilpasset alt udstyr, gammelt eller nyt.


The CV7 wind vane-wind speed indicator is adapted to sailing navigation constraints.
The STBG interface is an adaptor that converts NMEA0183 information relative to wind angle and speed and transmits them to your new or old equipment in analogue format. In this way, with the CV7-STBG, you will be able to access all the functions of your navigation instruments. 



4 wires:
– Red: +12 VDC (9-16 VDC, 9mA)
– Blue: 0V
– Yellow: NMEA0183® output® +
– Green: NMEA0183® output® – 

Measurement range: 
Wind speed: 0.25 to 80 knots
Wind angle: 0 to 359°
Temperature: -15°C (without icing) to +55°C 

Measurement sensitivity: 
Wind speed: 0.25 to 80 knots
Wind angle: +/-1°
Air temperature: +/- 1°C 

NMEA0183® sentences: 
IIMWV: Angle, Wind speed, Measurement validity
WIXDR: Air temperature
PLCJ: manufacturer’s data
PLCJE: manufacturer’s data
Transmission speed: 4800 Bd 

Complies with the European CE standard 

STBG interface: 
–  NMEA0183® input opto-coupler
– Sortie NMEA0183®
– Wind speed indicator output: pulse with open connector
– Wind Vane: sine / cosine or three-phase
Power supply: 9 to 16 V DC
– Consumption: 10 mA
– Depending on the screen type and brand, setting will vary. You can adjust the setting by following your user manual. You will just need to activate (or not) certain buttons.
– To adjust the lubber line, press the B+ / B- key, in order to calibrate the mast angle as precisely as possible. 


– DATALINE (Dataline, X, Navigator, IS11)
– AUTOHELM (Autohelm ST50)
– RAYMARINE (Raymarine ST60, Raymarine ST60+)
– B&G (Hornet IV, Network, Hercule, Hydra, H1000, H2000, H3000, H5000) 


– Sensor CV7  with a 310 mm slanted pole
– Mounting Bracket
– 25 m cable – 4 X 0.22 mm²
– STBG interface
– User and installation manual
– 2–year warranty, parts and labour, in our premises 

Vejledende udsalgspris
7.125,00 Kr.