Intellian v100 8w Ku antenna

Intellian v100 (1.03m) is a Ku-band 3-axis stabilized VSAT maritime antenna system.

The v100 provides advanced VSAT solutions for Ku-band satellite services that are also designed to be convertible to Ka-band network.
v100 is equipped with a new mounting architecture of RF module consisting of BUC and LNB. The v100 is built to meet or exceed the industry’s most stringent standards such as FCC, ETSI, R&TT and MILSTD-167.

The antenna’s 3-axis stabilized platform and advanced shock-resistant and vibration damping design of the pedestal is fully optimized to withstand the demanding maritime conditions and to ensure reliable broadband communications.
The unlimited azimuth range ensures continuous tracking without unwrapping the cables in the antenna and the low elevation angle (-20°) supports seamless signal reception at extremely high latitudes.
Equipped with Intellian’s next generation Antenna Control Software, ‘Aptus®’, the v100 antenna can be remotely accessed, monitored and controlled through Serial connection or secured TCP/IP network.
Its graphic-based user interface provides easy-to-use operating environment.

The v100 has also embedded webserver and secured web user interface called Aptus Web for remote management of the antenna on a web browser. Network connection can be easily setup through the front Management Ethernet Port on the ACU that supports automatic IP configuration.

The v100 is fully integrated with ABS (Automatic Beam Switching) function with various platform compatibility such as the OpenAMIP protocol of iDirect and the ROSS Open Antenna Management (ROAM) protocol of Comtech.

The v100 is supplied with both cross-pol and co-pol feeds and comes equipped with Intellian’s patent pending Global PLL LNB by standard.

Vejledende udsalgspris
265.000,00 Kr.